Innovation labs

Find Get Give is one of 7 projects that came out of the Innovation Labs initiative 2012. With funding originally from Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Comic Relief and Nominet Trust the follow 7 digital platforms were developed:


DocReady is an app and website that helps young people feel more confident and plan what they are going to say when they visit the doctor to talk about mental health. The platform has loads of useful tips and advice surrounding what GPs can help with, how to find a GP and knowing your rights as well as a handy checklist builder to help you discuss the right thing within the GP time limit.


Madly in Love

Madly In Love is a webpage where young people can share stories about how mental health affects their romantic relationships, get advice and feel supported.


Mood Bug

Moodbug is an App that allows you to share your mood with trusted friends. You can see how your friends are feeling and send them ‘gifts’ to show that you care.


Well Informed

Well informed is a training website to keep professionals, volunteers and carers updated with accurate and reliable information about mental health and emotional wellbeing.


In Hand

In Hand is an App that allows you to focus on your mood in the here and the now. Once the App knows how you are feeling, it will take you through simple steps to help you be you.



HedMeds is a website that gives young people accessible, down to earth information on mental health conditions.


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