Campaigning to de-stigmatise issues around mental health and inspire those who are suffering to seek treatment

What is #I AM WHOLE?

#IAMWHOLE is an anti-stigma campaign created by the NHS and YMCA and led by Jordan Stephens. Its aim is to tackle stigma and encourage people to talk openly about mental health. The campaign originally launched on the 10th of October 2016 (World Mental Health day) and over the last two years IAMWHOLE has produced campaign videos viewed by nearly 600,000 people, has celebrity endorsement and developed a range of resources to help start conversations!

Last year YMCA England have released some research about young people and mental health, read more about it here.

What is stigma?

Stigma happens when people have negative beliefs, views or attitudes towards someone because they belong to a particular group.

An example of mental health stigma could be the belief that everyone who has a mental health condition is attention-seeking.

Often stigma results in people being labelled unfairly and can lead to feelings of shame, upset, anger, loneliness and distress within the group of people who are being targeted.

Stigma can be very damaging and can stop people with mental health conditions from accessing the support and help that they need.

What is Whole Hour?

Each year an estimated 20% of children and young people worldwide experience mental health difficulties. As part of our mission to battle stigma this year #IAMWHOLE and YMCA are challenging you to take the #WHOLEHOUR challenge! Find a time; it could be an hour, it could be less (preferably between 12 -1pm) on the 10th October to promote wellbeing and to do something to feel good!

Get Thinking…

Could you involve the people around you (friends, teachers, colleagues, managers, trustees) in coming up with some ideas for #wholehour? It could run over a lunch-break, meeting, assembly, fundraiser, lecture or PSHE lesson! The idea is to create a space and time to do something that promotes emotional wellbeing with and for the people around you. We’ve come up with some ideas to get you started!

Let us know what you’re up to!

Don’t forget to keep us updated with what you and those around you decide to do for your #wholehour challenge. You can do this by tagging us:
@findgetgive (Twitter)
@findgetgive (Facebook)
@rightherebrightonhove (Instagram)

And using the hastags: #IAMWHOLE #WHOLEHOUR

What can I Do?

1. Download one of our challenge sheets above.

2. Chat with your friends, family, colleagues and organise what you want you do for your #WHOLEHOUR challenge.

3. On October 10th take a #WHOLEHOUR and complete your challenge!

4. Let us know what you’re up to by tagging us on social media and using the hashtags.


TV presenter & Childline counsellor, Anna Williamson, has written a short story to help engage 7-11 year olds about mental health and emotional wellbeing.
The short story forms part of a Primary Schools Mental Health Toolkit and the resources from the toolkit can be found and downloaded here for free. The toolkit includes a lesson plan (developed by the local Brighton and Hove Primary School PSHE leads) and a Parents & Carer Guidebook (developed in partnership with the YMCA Right Here project).

Print and download the book here.
Download the lesson plan powerpoint for your class here.


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